Teaching Notes and Devo Guide


MONDAY Read John 15:5. I believe the “fruit” Jesus refers to here is the fruit of the Spirit. For a description, read Galatians 5:22,23. The growth of these character qualities in your life is the sign that you are spiritually healthy. How does this differ from the way people sometimes measure a “good” Christian? Ask God for these qualities in your own life.

TUESDAY Read John 15:9-11. Jesus relates obeying him to experiencing his love and joy. How are love and joy different from the way we sometimes try to motivate ourselves to obey? Ask God to help you see love and joy as the motivation for strengthening your spiritual life.

WEDNESDAY Read John 15:13-15. Do you tend to think of yourself as a servant of God or as a friend of God? Do Jesus’ words here surprise you? What is the ultimate way Jesus showed his love and friendship to you? Thank God today that He calls you His friend! Just think about that for a while!

THURSDAY Read Galatians 5:22-23 again. What aspects of the fruit of the Spirit are strong in your life now? Which are weak? If you can, show these verses to a friend or family member and ask them what they see in you! (And receive their comments with grace) Ask God to strengthen your areas of weakness.

FRIDAY Read Psalm 1:1-3. How does this passage parallel John 15? What appeals to you about the metaphor in verse 3? According to verse 2, this stability is a result of meditating on God’s instructions and following them. Ask God to help you develop the habit of meditating and applying His word to life.

SATURDAY Look back over the devotions. Ask God to develop our church into a community of people abiding in Christ and bearing good spiritual fruit.