Teaching Notes and Devo Guide



MONDAY Read Galatians 5:1. What kind of “slavery” is Paul talking about in

this verse? (Hint: See Galatians 4:9) Would it surprise people to see that Jesus

came to set us free – not just from sin, but also from religious legalism? How

does this counteract the image many people have of Christianity? How can

religious rules lead to slavery? How have you seen this in your life? Thank God

for his freedom and ask Him to help you stay free!


TUESDAY Read Galatians 5 :2-4. For the Galatians, legalism meant trying

to keep all the Jewish laws. But legalism comes in many forms. It means

trying to earn favor with God through a system of religious rules instead of

a simple focus on Christ and his grace. What are the side effects of legalism?

Paul warns against here. How does an obsession with right and wrong

“alienate” us from Christ? How have you seen this in your own life?


WEDNESDAY Read Galatians 5:5-6. How does Paul sum up the value

of circumcision (which stands for all the religious rules the Galatians were

being told to follow)? According to these verses, what really matters? How can

this be true – don’t other things matter as well? What does this verse mean

practically to you today—how can you apply this? Thank God for his grace and

love to you and ask him to help you remain simply focused on his love.


THURSDAY Read Galatians 5:7-14. How do some Christians abuse their

freedom in Christ? How were the Galatians to use their freedom? Who is one

person to whom you can show love today? As you thank God for his grace, ask

him to help you see how you can show love today.


FRIDAY Read John 19:16-30 and meditate on the price Jesus paid for our

freedom. Though grace is free to us, it cost Jesus everything. Tell God how

grateful you are.


SATURDAY Please pray that the services this weekend will reach many people!